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The Cub House Child Care Center is proud to present these candid testimonials from its current clientele . . . .

The Cub House has been an excellent establishment while parents need to be away from their children. My four year old has grown mentally, emotionally and educationally as a result of being at the Cub House. She is always talking about friends, teachers and singing songs. The teachers are friendly, caring and smart. The teacher’s expertise has excelled my daughter’s experience at The Cub House.-Brian Knapik.

My daughter is nearly two and has been attending the Cub House since she was 8 months old. I was hesitant to remove my daughter from an in-home day care situation, but it was the best decision I could have made for our family. All of her teachers have treated have treated her with tenderness and affection, and have given her more attention than I could have ever imagined. My daughter has had the same core group of teachers caring for her for the last 16 months; even as she graduates to the older children’s rooms she is able to interact with her previous teachers quite regularly, which helps the children who attend the Cub House to feel like they have a true extended family. The curriculum and day is well structured, and I have been so impressed with how much my daughter is learning, in addition to her participating in arts and crafts, music and learning about manners and socializing with other children; she would never have these experiences in an in-home daycare setting. The hours are convenient, and the tuition is more than reasonable considering the high-quality care my daughter receives. The daily menu offers the children healthy, delicious food and snacks, so I never worry about what my daughter is eating. I can’t say enough good things about the Cub House, and I am so happy that my daughter has been able to attend this wonderful child care center.-Kelly Bryan

Our sons have been at the Cub House Child Care Center since they opened their doors. We are completely satisfied with the care our children have been receiving. The staff is encouraging, dedicated and have always cared for our children like they were their own. As educators, we are pleased with the progress our sons are making! They have learned so much in such a short amount of time. It is also wonderful to be able to drop them off early in the morning knowing they will be getting a nutritious breakfast as well as lunch and snacks. Our sons love going to school each day and miss the teachers when they are not there!-The Studier Family

We have been extremely impressed with The Cub House since it opened in 2010. The Cub House meets all of our needs as parents when it comes to daycare service for our children; the menu offers a variety of fresh and healthy food, the program design provides activities to enhance our children’s learning, the monthly rates are extremely competitive with other area daycares, but most importantly, the teachers and administrators at The Cub House truly care about our children. We are proud to send our children to The Cub House and recommend it to any parent seeking professional and caring daycare service.-Tim & Jen Grasson

My soon to be one year old has been a little cub since September 2010. At The Cub House Child Care we are greeted each morning by friendly staff that dotes on my little one. I appreciate the secure environment mandating every parent to enter a secret code to gain access to the center. At any given pick up, the babies in my little one’s class are content and at play. My most heart melting moment thus far was a few weeks ago, when after a four day hiatus from the center, upon arrival my little one spotted her teacher, Ms. Gloria, amongst the other children on the carpeted play area. Her eyes lit up and she toddled over to her, laying her head on Ms. Gloria’s lap. This reassured me that my child felt safe and loved at The Cub House.-Lauren Palmentera

The Cub House has had a very positive impact on our daughter’s life. She loves going to school and the small class sizes mean more one-on-one individual attention and deeper friendship bonding between children and teachers. The Cub House places a high emphasis on faith-based learning and values. We wouldn’t dream of placing our daughter in any other child care center. The Cub House has a family-like atmosphere where every teacher knows every child. Every teacher is highly qualified and has a deep love for what they do, which shines in their teaching ability. We thank The Cub House for giving our daughter a great head start for her next big adventure: Kindergarten.-Joseph & Jennifer Sroka

I enjoy The Cub House and everything has been wonderful since June. When I enrolled my son in child care, I thought it was the worst day of my life to have to go back to work. Now I cannot imagine him not at the center. I have become friends with the staff and parents and both our son and I have developed friendships that are sure to last a lifetime.-Cyndi Schillinger

Selecting a daycare can be an incredibly daunting task. The wondering about: Will my children be safe? Will they be loved? Will they learn? These burning questions seem to be paramount over anything else on a parent’s mind. When we part from our children, we ultimately want to believe that the people whom we are entrusting them have as much of a stake, in our kids as we do. So after touring, then carefully considering several facilities, we excitedly selected The Cub House Child Care Center. What a fantastic place to bring our children! My children receive exceptional care from the most friendly and loving staff, while learning the necessary skills to one day face their kindergarten school year with confidence and pride. The Cub House accomplishes this goal every day. Thank you for making the two most important things in our lives, two of the most important things in yours.-Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Baker

The Cub House Child Care Center
Located in The Heritage Building
(between W. 130th Street & York Road)
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Parma Heights, Ohio 44130

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